Start Ignoring People who Threaten Your Joy. Don’t Let Them Enter Your Space At All.

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Start Ignoring People who Threaten Your Joy. Don’t Let Them Enter Your Space At All.

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Start Ignoring People who Threaten Your Joy. Don’t Let Them Enter Your Space At All.

Your life is your own, and no one else has control over it except you. It is completely your discretion as to who enters your life and who stays. Often times, you will come across people who would try to pull you down, be secretly envy of you, and would hinder your success and happiness. It can be anyone – starting from your colleague to an old friend and from your family member to a distant relative. Don’t cling on to a toxic relationship because you always have the choice to exit such a toxic relationship. Don’t be fooled by the social pressure to hang on there because you only have one life, and you reserve the right to live it in your terms. 

Protect Your Space

If something or someone is bothering you, it is best to do something about it. In the case when someone or some people are threatening your joy, you reserve the right to protect your interest. Keep such people out of your space and life. If you have tried every way to sort out the issue or have confronted such people who continue to disrespect you, pull you down and hinder your progress, to no avail – literally ignore such people. You don’t deserve to be sad or unhappy because of someone else. Not taking action against such people would only strengthen them and label you as weak. You don’t need to fight with such people as they don’t deserve even that amount of energy from you. Simply IGNORE!

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When you stop paying attention to their shenanigans or get affected by whatever they do, the tables will turn. Trust me, it does.


Be Kind But Firm

It is rightly said that you can’t change the people around you, but you always have the option to change the people around you. If there are people around you who are constantly threatening your success, happiness, and overall quality of life, it is time to defend your space. Do whatever it takes to ensure they exit from your space, and you can do it kindly but firmly. Make sure that the message goes across to the other side firmly. Such people have the habit of crossing their limits and endangering human etiquettes. At times, you might have to lower your standards to deal with such people. While it is advisable to ignore such people, do not hesitate to ensure your message goes across loud and clear in any other way if that is what it comes down to.

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Ignoring is Bliss as Well

The reason some people can threaten your joy is that you attach too much importance to what they think of you, what they talk about regarding you, and their opinion of you. Ignoring not only them, but everything they say or do is a blessing as well. Such people do it for the fun of how you will react, and when you stop responding or giving any importance to their actions or toxic words, it will start to threaten their joy. Ignoring such people is the best solution to ensuring a blissful life. Surround yourself with positive people and keep negative people as far as possible from your reach.

Your happiness is your responsibility and your right. No one else should have control over it, and if someone is threatening it, that person needs to exit your life. If you don’t take action, it would not only continue to hit your self-esteem, self-respect, and self-worth, it would lower your self-confidence as well. It gives the power to such people who would continue to do what they are best at – hindering your happiness and growth. Ignore such people, and protect your space. Your space should have people who support you and want you to be happy, and if not, that person or such people do not belong in your space. Don’t be a silent victim anymore.

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