Be a Visionary, Not a Dreamer.

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Be a Visionary, Not a Dreamer.

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Be a Visionary, Not a Dreamer.

Each one of us has fantasies, whimsies, and even daydream at some point in our lives. We enjoy dreams, and it brings us a sense of happiness. Every person who has started a movement created a successful business or ran a country had dreamt about it. At first, these dreams must have been about gaining respect, becoming rich, or being famous. But, they went beyond their dreams to create a reality. 

Most people dream, but it usually does not take any shape. Making a dream reality is all about facing challenges, problems, and even resistance from others. So, what differentiates a Visionary from a Dreamer?

Dreamer vs. Visionary

So, what is the difference between a dream and a vision? Many people consider both of them to be precisely the same. But, in reality, they are not.

Here are some of the difference between a Visionary and a Dreamer – Which one are you?


A Dreamer: Dreams just dream because it is fun and free. They see them because dreams do not cost anything.

A Visionary: Visionaries do not just dream; they are also determined to pay the price for them to become a reality.

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A Dreamer: Dreamers do not just have one dream. They keep on skipping from one dream to another with ease.

A Visionary: Visionaries are focused on one dream and finding the path to making it real.


A Dreamer: A dreamer usually uses words such as ‘someday’ or ‘eventually’ for their dreams.

A Visionary: Visionaries work hard to create action plans with deadlines to ensure that their vision is realized.


A Dreamer: Dreamers usually have a short attention span and no real dream that they want to chase, leading to no impact at all.

A Visionary: Visionaries have real ideas and work towards it while willing to pay any price that comes with it leading to a much greater impact.


A Dreamer: A dream will usually see only the good side of their dreams since they have no intention of making them true.

A Visionary: Visionaries see not only the good side but also examines ways to overcome the shortfalls of their dreams.

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So, if you want to be a visionary, but fear that you lack the creativity and foresight that one needs to be one, worry not. While many people are born with visionary characteristics, it is possible to develop visionary capabilities as well. Here are some interesting tips that will help you develop your skills and reach the greatness you want to –

  • Always Seek Knowledge – A visionary is always absorbing knowledge and never stops learning. There is always something out there that they need to know. Most successful people are the ones who keep themselves updated on the things happening around them.
  • Communicate with Courage and Inspire People – As a visionary, you need to make things simple for others. You need to show energy and confidence in yourself. Energy is infectious, and it will help you communicate your vision to others and tell them the things that you stand for. Motivate others to reach common goals.
  • Always Ask Yourself ‘Why Not’ – When looking for options or answers to anything, take some time to think and give up on an idea that seems impossible. Ask yourself why the idea is so difficult to realize and what can be done about it. Visionaries help discover solutions to complex problems.

Visionaries are the people who have been able to see the results of their hard work long before they actually happen. So, make plans and do not be afraid of failure. Remember, without failure; you cannot attain greatness.

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