Always Give Without Remembering and Always Receive Without Forgetting.

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Always Give Without Remembering and Always Receive Without Forgetting.

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Always Give Without Remembering and Always Receive Without Forgetting.


Giving and Receiving are quite simple terms, but most people have a hard time understanding what exactly they mean. Most people do not learn how to give, yet there are others who do not know the right way of receiving. For the entire process of giving and receiving to take place, there needs to be a giver and a receiver. There must be someone who wishes to GIVE, and there should be another with the same willingness to RECEIVE. 

Even though it is always assumed that it is the giver who is more blessed than the receiver, both of them are an essential part of lives and can bring about great joy. Thus, it is essential to learn both. You should learn how to be a good Giver and also how to be a good Receiver. When we do not give to others, we are depriving others of what we have to offer to them. When we do not receive, we are depriving others of the joy of giving.

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How to Learn to Give?

For many people giving might not come naturally. But, the only way to experience it and cultivate a habit is by actually doing it. You need to consider it to be an exercise and give what you can within your capability. You need to have the right attitude if you want to give. Giving should be appropriate for the receiver and here are some questions that can help you determine if the gift is right for them or not –

  • Is it the right time to give the gift?
  • Will the gift be of any help to the receiver in the long term?
  • Will the gift help the receiver move forward positively?
  • Will the receiver be able to understand the meaning of the gift?
  • Will the receiver appreciate the gift or resent it in any way?
  • Will the receiver consider the gift as having strings attached?

Giving is all about the appropriateness, rather than the value of the gift. But, do not limit yourself to thinking that giving can only be monetary. There are also other types of gifts that are not materialistic in nature. There are a variety of things that you can GIVE to others. The only thing you need is the desire to give and giving them wisely. Some of the things that you can give to others include –

  • Time
  • Counsel
  • Advice
  • Expertise
  • Praise
  • Affirmation
  • Insight
  • Empathy
  • Experience
  • Presence
  • Attention
  • Love
  • Joy
  • Appreciation

Why Is It Important to Give Without Remembering?

If you are giving to others, you should do so, not to hold it over the receiver’s head for the rest of their lives. You should give because it is the right thing to do. You should give because you are capable of giving today. You should give because you want to give. Do not give to others to add it to your account. Do not expect anything in return if you are giving to others. Thus, you should give and learn not to remember it as it will only make you shallow.

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Why Is It Important to Take Without Forgetting?

You should do precisely the opposite of not remembering when you are taking from others. You should never forget when someone gave you something to help you out in a situation. You should not let your memory fade up and stop you from remembering when someone extended their hand when you needed it the most. You should be grateful for everything that you receive from others. If you find yourself on the receiving end, accept it with a sense of honor and gratitude.

Giving and Receiving are both important parts of our lives. Thus, one needs to learn to be a good giver and a good receiver to reap its benefits.

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