Nepal’s “Mother Teresa” Is On A Mission To Protect Exploited Women With The Warmth Of Her Benevolence

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Nepal’s “Mother Teresa”

Nepal’s “Mother Teresa” Is On A Mission To Protect Exploited Women With The Warmth Of Her Benevolence

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Nepal’s “Mother Teresa” Is On A Mission To Protect Exploited Women With The Warmth Of Her Benevolence

Nepal’s “Mother Teresa”

We realize she is someone special because the most beautiful thing she has on is a kind soul. She shines for her ability to enlighten, encourage, elevate, and empower others. There is a special reason she is called Nepal’s ‘Mother Teresa’. Anuradha Koirala strives to rescue exploited Nepali girls and women sold into sexual bondage.

The sexual exploitation of women snatches away their childhood, their education, their hope of a better livelihood, and their future. Laws are there to protect these young girls from exploitation by strengthening and imposing human trafficking laws that protect girls and women and eradicate global poverty. But laws are not always followed.

Anuradha Koirala was motivated by the journey of Mother Teresa and she always realized she was ordained to serve the exploited. She began her journey of service by teaching young deprived children in the capital city of Kathmandu. But after 20 years she began playing a greater role in the upliftment of women. She began protecting girls and women from exploitation and trafficking.

In the early 90s, Koirala began to frequently notice women begging near the Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu. She began to connect with the deprived women. She learned from them that they were mostly the victims of extreme physical domestic abuse. Koirala had herself been the victim of brutal domestic violence. She had to suffer three miscarriages as a result of the beating. Her own traumatic experience prompted her to reach out to these kindred souls.

Koirala started educating women about the violence that was directed against women. She taught them about women-empowerment. She offered them support if they gave up begging.

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Koirala could convince only 8 women at the beginning of her endeavor. She helped them start their own business with 1,000 rupees to each woman that she gave from her own savings. Koirala would set aside 2 rupees from their profits each day. This amount served to give the women security and gave economic freedom to further expand their business.

Next, she founded Maiti Nepal, a non-profit that has been at the service of exploited children and women since 1993. Her efforts as an activist and humanitarian have been primarily directed to tackle sex trafficking. It is an unchecked industry forcing thousands of women and children from poor families into sexual bondage every year across the border with India. Families are too illiterate to realize that when they let their children go with relatives or acquaintances to seek better job opportunities, they are instead selling them forever. The meager amount they offer the families is often enough to induce them.

Maiti Nepal now helps more than 1,000 children in 3 prevention homes. The non-profit identifies girls and families at risk of exploitation and educates them on trafficking. There are also 11 transit homes to provide immediate shelters to rescued girls. There are also two homes that provide care and treatment for children and women who are HIV+.

At 70, Koirala can look forward to a string of achievements and her title of Nepal’s “Mother Teresa” sits lightly on her. Her struggle continues as she continues the ever-present menace of sexual exploitation. She has started a host of initiatives to empower women. They include awareness campaigns, programs to empower them, and training in skills that will make them independent.

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Maiti Nepal regularly collaborates with law enforcement agencies during rescue operations and is active at 26 points at the border with India. They have managed to save more than 18,000 girls, said Nepal’s “Mother Teresa” at the Global Peace Leadership Initiative in 2012. The plight of the girls gives her the strength to continue the fight, she says. Maiti Nepal has also helped apprehend and prosecute more than 700 traffickers.

Many survivors have managed to make a life for themselves with the help of Nepal’s “Mother Teresa”, but she admits that there is a lot that needs to be done. Women who are HIV+ regularly require expensive therapy. Koirala’s organization provides access to such women and children at its two hospices. They are even provided accommodation.

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Koirala has received international recognition and awards that include the Padma Shri. In 2010 she was CNN Hero of the Year and got $125,000 to advance her work. Koirala exhorts others to consider every child as their own and do all they can to stop this evil in society. She wants society to be free from human trafficking. By making it her life mission to save the exploitation of women, Nepal’s “Mother Teresa” has sought to bring out the strength and beauty of the poor and underprivileged in her country. She has proved that she is not just generous or compassionate but enlightened as she continues her fight on many fronts for a total stop to this menace.

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