Night Shelter On Wheels Turn Savior For The Homeless People Around Newport

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Night Shelter On Wheels Turn Savior For The Homeless People Around Newport

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Night Shelter On Wheels Turn Savior For The Homeless People Around Newport

homeless people

The most tortured man is he who cannot take pleasure in a good night’s sleep. And for the innumerable homeless people around the world finding a place to sleep is a challenge. It is their only chance to forget the travails of the day before the harsh realities of the next day take over. But there are people who think for them and do what it takes so that the homeless people can get someplace to sleep for the night.

A converted double-decker bus has been stationed in the Newport area and offers hope for the homeless people living on the streets. It offers them a safe place to sleep for the night and even a chance to freshen up before walking out to face a new day.

homeless people

The bus has a place for 12 people for the night. In addition, it has two showers, a couple of toilets, a kitchen, and even a tiny lounge. Volunteers with the non-profit Helping Open People’s Eyes (HOPE) have built the home on a double-decker bus. It took them more than a year of sustained fundraising. The project is now close to completion. Volunteers attached to the project have expressed confidence that the shelter will be rolling soon for homeless people. They say it is a matter of a few weeks.

The night shelter was the brainchild of Ian Smith, a bus driver, and Tammy, his wife, they are from Cefn Fforest. They were inspired by a similar project for homeless people that they saw in Bristol a year before. The couple has been giving food to the homeless for almost a year now. They have seen the homeless grow in number at a rapid pace.

They had seen the Bristol home for the night campaign. It was a but that had been modeled to function as a sleeping shelter for the homeless. They loved the concept and started raising funds for it.

Ian is a minibus driver and is self-employed. It was in October last year that he first started raising funds for the project. As his organization is yet to be registered, much of the donations were sourced through donations and raffles.

Ian found a double-decker bus that set them back by around £18,000. The couple is tired by the sustained efforts but at the same time help has been coming in from unexpected sources.

Theirs has not been a conventional charity. People and businesses came on-board and voluntarily supported them.  The work had been tiring but extremely rewarding.

The coupe feels that every moment has been worth it. The bus is still awaiting a few minor changes and would prefer waiting for it.  It will be sometime before it is ready to be used. Ian has set a time-frame of a few weeks more to fine-tune the project. The couple wants to get the bus up and running before the holiday season. This is the time when the homeless need shelter the most from the bitter winter cold.

For homeless people, such homes are the only place to go when they run out of places. The importance of a home or at least a roof over the head is a notion that only the homeless can fully appreciate. It can only be comprehended by the uprooted, people who have discovered suddenly that they no longer have a roof over their heads.

Many times we simply walk by with the realization that there is little we can do to change somebody’s life. but then we fail to realize that all it takes is a strong will to be there for people in a way that matters. It is the simple acts of kindness that means so much to these people. The homeless people live a life of being constantly thrown about, without repose or rest. Nowhere do they find a home.

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During the festive season as the year draws to a close, the bleak, piercing cold gets to the people denied the comforts of those who live in the luxury of warm rugs and bright fires. Many hungry outcasts shut their eyes at moments like these on the bare streets, unable to bear the cold gnawing away at their bare bones.

Tammy and Ian Smith want to get up and be and running before Christmas. But the problem of funding still remains. Fuel is expensive and taking the bus from Cefn Fforest to Newport cost £60 worth of fuel.

Ian has arranged for at least 2 members to stay on duty when the bus is in use. The group will use the bus sparingly for a few nights and then extend the rounds in the future.

We live regularly amidst the plight of the homeless people in this world. We can only guess at the serious plight of the homeless people of this world.

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