Group Of Kind People Gave A $1,200 Tip To One Lucky IHOP Waitress During The Festive Season

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Group Of Kind People Gave A $1,200 Tip To One Lucky IHOP Waitress During The Festive Season

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Group Of Kind People Gave A $1,200 Tip To One Lucky IHOP Waitress During The Festive Season

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“We cannot do great things on this earth, only small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa

According to studies, an act of kindness has a positive effect on the brain of everyone who sees it or reads about it. It improves their mood and also makes them want to indulge in one. Thus, kindness is contagious. It also offers a lot of health benefits too!

When a group of friends decided to get together and spend their Sunday with each other, they didn’t realize that they are going to change the life of one lucky waitress. Zellie Thomas, a local activist, along with several of his friends, went to IHOP to catch up with each other and have a great time. But, in addition to that, they had a surprise for the waitress who served them. They contributed a massive $1,200 tip for her in the end.

The IHOP employee was taken up by surprise as Thomas and his friends paid the bill along with the tip. When she started counting, she was like, ‘Wait, Wait! You guys gave me too much money”. But, it was then that Thomas and his friends told her that the excess amount was her tip. She had tears of joy and thanked each of them for their kind gesture. The tip would go a long way during the holidays, and she said it would help her pay off some of her student loan debt.

Thomas was inspired by a similar story that he read online where a group of people left about $100 as a tip. It was then that he wondered why he couldn’t do the same in Paterson, where he lives. Thus, when he asked about doing the same thing, many of his friends came forward to help and contribute. In an interview, he said that he hopes others are also inspired by this gesture and decide to pay it forward just like they did. For him, it was all about making someone’s day.

When you are kind to another person, your brain’s reward and pleasure center will get activated, and you will feel as if you are the recipient of the good deed and not the one who received it. Most people think that they need to be rich to be able to help others or be kind to another person. The truth is that it is all about your intentions; it is never about the money.

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Just smile at people when you meet them or write a letter to your old teachers you have lost touch with. Give compliments to others more often or help out your neighbors by making them dinner if they are going through a tough time. Even allowing someone to cut in front of you in a long queue is an act of kindness. Lend your hand to a colleague who is behind on an important project. You never know what other people are going through, and you will be surprised at how a small action can provide to be a blessing for others. Holidays are all about helping each other, so do your best to spread the joys of giving. Count your blessings!

When you do a good deed, people around you are inspired, and it creates a domino effect that can change the lives of many people. You can start with something very simple. What you do doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. It only needs to be from your heart! So, look for opportunities to be kind to others. You are surely going to experience the rewards immediately by seeing the surprise and happiness on others’ faces.

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