Florida Veteran Pays Utility Bills Of 36 Families Who Were At Risk Of Losing Gas And Water

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Florida Veteran Pays Utility Bills Of 36 Families Who Were At Risk Of Losing Gas And Water

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Florida Veteran Pays Utility Bills Of 36 Families Who Were At Risk Of Losing Gas And Water

Christmas is a magical time of the year for most people. But, a large part of the population is struggling even to pay for the basic necessities. You can express kindness to your loved ones and even strangers that will truly bring joy to their lives. Here is a story of Mike Esmond, who is grateful for what he has and gave back to those around him during the festive season. What he has done has been a source of inspiration to many fortunate people this festive season. 

Mike Esmond, a veteran, had struggled to pay his utility bills decades ago, and he has not forgotten how it felt. He still remembers how his family spent that winter without gas after their utility was shut off and that too during record cold weather with the temperature well below freezing points. He can still visualize how his windows and doors had icicles all over it while his neighbors outside had beautiful Christmas decorations around the house.

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Earlier this month, he opened his utility bill and saw that the bill was due on Dec. 26. It took him back to those cold days when he could not afford to pay his utility bills and spent the holidays in the cold. He knew for a fact that there are families out there living the same experience he did years ago when he wasn’t able to pay for the utility bills. The 73-year-old, who runs his own business, could not shake down his feeling of realization and decided to do something about it. He took upon himself to help those in need since he was in a much better position today than he was that Christmas. He wanted to help people who were on the verge of having their gas and water disconnected during the holidays if they did not pay for it.

Mike went to the city office and asked them for a list of people that were supposed to have their utility shut off by Dec. 26. The office gave him a list of 36 families with a total due of $4,600. When he told the city office about his intention and gave them the money to cover those bills, he didn’t realize what he was about to witness. The officers at the billing department created a Christmas card for all those families with the information that their dues were paid for.

The card had a note inside from the department wishing them ‘Happy Holidays’ and the following information –

Mike didn’t know about the card that the city had sent until people started to call him to thank him for his kindness. Even the city printed the 37th card and sent it out to him, thanking him for his actions and that his small gesture would inspire more people to do their bit for others in need. He started receiving messages from people not just in the US but from other countries who said that they were inspired to do the same thing.

If you feel inspired by Mike’s gesture, you too can do your bit to make Christmas time a happy one for families who cannot afford much. Instead of just reading about it or talking about it with your family or friends, decide to do your part to make Christmas merrier. It can be anything, from paying someone else’s grocery bill to paying for lunch for a homeless person. Even if you do not have enough money to spend, you can volunteer at a soup kitchen or post comments on other people’s pages on social media to let them know how much you enjoy reading their pages. You will be amazed at how good you will feel when you become the reason for a smile for others. Reach out to people who feel lost or are dealing with illness.

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The act of kindness you do, no matter how small or big, has a healing effect on you as well. We all have scars we hide and being able to help others in any which way allows us to heal ourselves. However, we don’t have to engage in the act of kindness for our benefit, but because we can. When you start looking for ways to help others, you will be inspired just by the fact that there’s so much good you can do for others, even if you don’t have millions in your bank.

Our world needs more and more people like Mike today who can go the extra mile to help others selflessly. Making the world a better place to live and setting an example for others takes courage, and it doesn’t happen overnight. Do whatever you can for others and see how your positivity rubs off on other people – faster than you can imagine. When such positive intentions go viral, it becomes easier to fight off the negativity that has infected our society.

Look for opportunities to change other people’s lives for the better, just like Mike. Start your tradition of doing something good during the festive period!

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