How To Make Kindness A Habit?

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How To Make Kindness A Habit?

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How To Make Kindness A Habit?


You don’t need a reason to be kind to others. Being kind to others doesn’t only make them feel positive but benefits you as well. As per one of the studies conducted at the University of California by Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky, the level of happiness in students assigned to do an act of kindness rose by over forty percent. 

Mean What You Do

When happy and positive people surround you, it rubs on you. It is the natural trait of positivity as well as negativity. Don’t you start feeling grumpy and low when your colleague at work is feeling low? The easiest way to pick up kindness as a habit is to ensure you mean what you do. Whether it is congratulating your friend on a new job or complimenting your colleague or friend on their clothing choice, do not retract your feelings due to resentment. Be positive and happy for them. It would take some time to get into that positive zone and filter out negative emotions of envy or jealousy. But it soon becomes the habit that would ward off negativity in every form possible.

Choose To Be Kind

Make a conscious effort to be kind as it needs the practice to make it a habit. People have forgotten to be thankful these days. It is an opportunity that you must not miss as it may not come again. Keep a journal on you all the time where you make a note of every time you are kind to someone. It may seem impractical, but it is one of the best ways to keep track of your habits and change your thought process. It is not a permanent practice as it becomes a part of your system as you practice this daily for a while.

Act Of Kindness Doesn’t Have To Be Big

The act of kindness doesn’t always mean that you donate millions to charity or go out of the way and beyond your means. Little acts of kindness like genuinely complimenting someone or opening a door for someone also counts as an act of kindness. If you are a boss at work or have people working under you – appreciate your employees when they do a good job. Leaving a little higher than usual tip at a restaurant with a thank you note or buying the morning coffee or a meal for someone in need are just a few of the examples of small acts of kindness that you can practice periodically. When kindness becomes a habit, such actions become your second nature, and you don’t need to find ways to practice kindness.

Be Grateful

Like kindness, being grateful is also one of the behavioral traits that people have forgotten in today’s date. Kindness and gratitude go hand in hand, and you must practice both to attract positivity in your life. The key to being grateful is being self-content and happy with what you have, rather than loathing for what you don’t. It is okay to have dreams and wishes, but it doesn’t make sense to destroy your present for it. Keep reminding yourself of what you have that many others don’t, and you would be surprised by how generous life has been. It is these positive vibrations that attract prosperity in life.

Accept Your Mistakes

Before being kind to others, it is essential to realize that you first need to be kind to yourself. Don’t be too harsh on yourself when you make a mistake as no one is perfect. Accept the fact that you aren’t perfect, and at times, you will make mistakes. When you accept that you aren’t perfect, it heals you. The rush to achieve perfection can often lead to stress and anxiety that isn’t good for your physical health or mental well-being. Once you let go of the urge to be on the top or be perfect all the time, you would be able to move forward in your life as well without grudges or regrets.

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Forgive Others

Many people might have wronged you in the course of your life. Rather than filling your mind and heart with negative feelings about the person – choose to forgive. Forgiving is not always about others but how it helps you in letting go and moving on without holding on to the toxic feelings that stay inside. Kindness stems from forgiveness, and in circumstances when you are wronged deliberately, it is better to exit from the relationship by forgiving. It may or may not change the other person but would certainly help you grow as a person.

In a world where everyone is running their race to achieve something or prove a point, one should not forget to be kind. It is one of the common traits of successful people as it helps them on their journey to move on without lingering on to anything negative around them. When you don’t hold on to grudges, it helps you remain emotionally well-balanced. It is the key to being focused on the future rather than clinging on to negativities of the past.

Don’t look for a reason to be kind, and after a while, you’ll not need one.

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