Janet Easley- The Miracle Woman Who Feeds Homeless People On Thanksgiving

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Janet Easley- The Miracle Woman Who Feeds Homeless People On Thanksgiving

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Janet Easley- The Miracle Woman Who Feeds Homeless People On Thanksgiving

The time around the holidays is all about celebration, pomp, and fanfare. People relish the days that lead up to Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. And it is obvious, quite natural indeed, that people all over the world would be looking out for their own happiness during these days. Some would take a long vacation to soothe their souls, some would sleep for days on end to rejuvenate their body, while some like Janet Easley would go and feed the homeless- simply because it makes her feel grounded and happy. People have their own way of celebrating, and Easley’s way for the last 4 decades has been feeding the poor, the homeless and the lonely.

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Janet Easley- The Hero We Don’t Deserve, But The Hero We Need

This is quite an annual occurrence in Central Indianapolis where Janet Easley feeds the needy every single Thanksgiving. This tradition has gone on for 38 years, and this old woman does it simply because it makes her happy. In a world filled with people working for money and more money, here is a woman who simply wants to give back to society. Unlike the billionaires who would donate millions to charity in an attempt to reduce their own tax returns, Janet Easley does something on a very individual, grass-root level. She has close to 200 volunteers helping her out, which includes the women’s penitentiary in Indianapolis, and last year she fed around 10,000 people.

Even if one doesn’t believe in Santa coming from the North Pole to give gifts, Janet Easley is a Thanksgiving miracle that is right out there for the people of Indianapolis. She has been there for 38 years, and we hope she would be there for a lot more. And the best thing? She has never asked for publicity even once. She seldom speaks to reporters and even her stance is one of humility.

The Gift of Giving

It is no surprise that we can learn a lot from Janet Easley. She is a woman of color striving to serve ten thousand people on a predominantly white holiday, in a predominantly ‘white state’. Let’s just do some arithmetic here, shall we? She has been doing this for 38 years, which means she started it in 1980- a period when segregation and racism were at its peak in Indianapolis and other confederate states. In such turbulent times, she didn’t let her color, gender or creed speak out for who the person she was. She showed it through her actions.

In such a period of hate, it is easy to give in to it. One simply has to listen to one hate speech, one racial slur or the ‘n-word’, and it is easy enough to get into a fit of frenzy. But Janet Easley decided to follow in Martin Luther King Jr. She decided that violence and hate weren’t the solutions to peace, and sooner or later- what goes around will definitely come around. She started believing in humanity. Janet Easley realized that the only way peace would come forth in the land, and inside her, is if she never worked on the hate that was prevalent in those days.

Cut to 2019, racism is being addressed and condemned heavily amidst all circles. And yet, Janet Easley is bereft of all this- her life’s mission is to spread happiness amidst people at a time when people should be happy. Thanksgiving for her meant giving her thanks to people less fortunate than her. And isn’t that what these holidays are about? You took care of yourself throughout the year, you can’t afford to take care of the society that literally keeps you alive?

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It would be wrong to say that Janet Easley’s desire to see happiness spread around wasn’t met with protests or struggles. The white supremacists in the state, especially the KKK, didn’t really want to see a woman of color do something fruitful with her existence. But none of these deterred her from the idea that she had in mind. And, with the drive, with the passion to see a peaceful, unified community- her work came to fruition.

Life as a woman of color was always going to be difficult for Janet Easley. And she doesn’t think otherwise either. But what is true for her, and for every one of us is that just because we are privileged, at least privileged enough to be reading this, it doesn’t mean we turn our back on society. To prevent humanity from getting extinct, we need to work together as a society to uplift everyone around us. Janet Easley’s story is just another example amidst the few who actually strive hard to bring about a positive change in the society they live in.

It is them we have to thank, for a peaceful and well-celebrated holiday.

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