You Can Remain Positive Even In Your Most Tragic Moments

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You Can Remain Positive Even In Your Most Tragic Moments

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You Can Remain Positive Even In Your Most Tragic Moments

Parents see the birth of their children. They should not be the ones to see their death. But sometimes, fate deals a cruel hand and even parents have to see the tragic death of their children. Sometimes, it gets worse and they have to go through the entire process of seeing them dying too. That was the case for the chairman of Limerick GAA County, John Cregan and his wife Patsy. They had to go through the most tragic phase of their life – seeing their daughter Mary Cregan suffer from cancer and ultimately breathe her last.

Mary Cregan was diagnosed with a severe brain tumor back in the year 2015. She was just 30 years old. She had to go through a barrage of tests and treatments and the tumor went into remission for that time. But it returned the next year. It was a malignant one. The family had to face the fact that their daughter would now have to suffer through the horrible disease.

But Mary was not someone who was going to back down just because she had cancer. Life had unfortunately given her a short string but she had the vitality of a kid – she would turn that short string into a spool of thread. Despite the challenges, Mary was full of optimism. She would look back and re-live the moment of the All-Ireland final day. She would often talk about her dad too and how she was really proud of him. After all, he also faced certain challenges, overcame them, and became the County Chairman.

That the Limerick won the All-Ireland during the first year of his office just doubled the delight of Mary. She was really a joyous soul who loved every bit of her family and the community that she lived in. The topic of her disease never really came up. She made it a point to look sharp, bright, and brave. She would bring a different life into the room and around the people she was with.

Like her father, Mary was someone who wanted to give something back to the community she was living in. She knew that she was struggling but she had a dream which she was willing to fulfill.

When Mary was down and suffering from her tumor, there were several organizations that came to her help. She remembered each one of them. Now, every organization required some kind of funds. There are many organizations which do not charge anything for people but continue to provide services to them. But they have their own costs and keeping up with the expenses can be difficult. After all, they are not always getting grants from governments or other places.

So, while they do not actively ask for money, they do require funds to keep them running and make sure that the people working for them have food on their plate. As a community, we can give them a few of our earnings if it is possible, and they would be delighted.

Mary, being in a position of power, decided to start a fund-raising event for these charities. Cancer was something that came suddenly and brought with it a barrage of suffering and expenses. These charities were there to help you with it, just like they helped Mary. So, she organized a Help Fight The Big ‘C’ fundraising drive. Many people of the community knew the struggles that Mary went through. When they heard of the fundraising event, they were willing to give as much as they could.

Mary was determined to deliver her goals. She worked hard to promote the fund-raising event and eventually, it worked. Approximately, about €40,000 was raised due to the efforts of Mary and the people of the community. An official fund-raising dance was scheduled for 15th March at Devon Inn. It was set up to be an amazing event – especially for Mary Cregan who spend most part of her later life for this event.

But when luck is not on your side, you really cannot help it. Unfortunately, Mary’s condition worsened and she was taken under palliative care as the event neared. In a tragic turn, Mary breathed her last on the 14th, just a day before the event was scheduled. It shattered the whole family and the community.

But Mary and her courage had left a mark on people. After her death, the whole community was affected. People would be standing in junctures and offering help to the family. They would provide support to the grieving family. People from many parts of the county had come to take part in the two-day funeral of Mary Cregan. Many came from different parts of Ireland to pay their respect to this wonderful woman. They were all suffering from a united sense of loss – of emptiness. With Mary’s passing, a void was created.

But her spark did not die. The event in Devon Inn took place and hundreds of people turned up. Everyone missed Mary but the impact that she left behind was not dampened in any way. Her contribution was lauded and it is clear that it will be written in the community’s history in gold. Her work was praised. From somewhere, Mary’s spirit was smiling at the people and her energy was felt in the crowd. Her final wish was fulfilled.

Death reminds us of how little time we have. Mary’s tragic death was something that we could not really pass by without feeling moved by it. But her example is much larger than her death. Before dying, Mary tried to give something back to the world. And in the end, she was able to give it back. In spite of the tragic end, hers is a success story which can inspire us. Now, it depends on us how we take it in.



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