What Are Some Of The Traits Of People Who Love To Be Alone?

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What Are Some Of The Traits Of People Who Love To Be Alone?

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What Are Some Of The Traits Of People Who Love To Be Alone?

There are certain people who like to remain alone. They break away from the common definition of your average person who loves to go to the bar or a movie with a group of friends and hang around with many people. They would rather curl up in the corner of a bed with a book, or spend time with their own selves doing something they love. You can find them sitting at the window with a hot cup of coffee and drawing patterns with their eyes on the cloudy canvass of the rainy-day sky. Many times, they are stigmatized by society – they are called weird, shy, or socially inept. While many of them may be introverts, even introverts have acquired a bad name for themselves. However, while they may not fall in the same ‘mold’ that society forces upon us – these people have a lot of fascinating qualities. These are some of the great qualities that people who like to spend time with themselves have:

1. They are loyal to their friends

There is a reason why many people like to stay alone. They have searched and found very few people with whom they can build a meaningful relationship. However, if you are one of them, then you must be special to them. People who like to be alone can only be friends with those people with whom they are really comfortable and with whom they can have meaningful conversations. And if you are in some kind of trouble, you can count on them to have your back. You are so special to them that they are not willing to lose you in any manner.

2. They Love New Ideas

People who like to spend time alone generally spend time thinking. They have a lot of ideas in their minds and as it generally is, ideas grow out of the conflict. So, these people love to invite new ideas. They are open to exciting ideas and that’s why they are keener to have meaningful discussions with you. Plus, they are a treasure trove of ideas as well. So, you can get a knowledge boost too.

3. They Are Generally Level-headed

Being knowledgeable and dealing with so many ideas has a natural consequence – it quietens down your temper. You know that anger and frustration have never helped anyone. The best way to deal with something is to keep your calm and slowly and steadily take steps towards resolving it. Nothing has ever been achieved by anger, conflict, or hatred. So, even if they are in a stressful situation, they can keep their calm and determine what action one needs to take peacefully. And if the stress gets too much, they can always go back to their safe space, their own room, and think about alternative solutions.

4. They are Confident About Their Thoughts

We are all a mystery, but few of us take time to unravel what is within ourselves. People who like to spend time with themselves have mastered this action. They look within and find out their problems, strengths, and weaknesses. Due to this constant probing into their inner psyche, they have developed a kind of clarity regarding their thoughts. They are not struggling with themselves anymore and they are a lot more confident about what they think and how they process these internal thoughts. They have the ability to direct their thoughts in such a way that it will only help them to grow better and deal with the world in a wiser way.

5. They Know That Time Is Valuable

Time is important for all of us, but sadly, few of us understand it. Time is one of the things that can’t be recovered when it goes away. So, the best thing to do is to use our time better when it is in our hands. Every second is going past us. A friend who likes to stay alone will show you the value of time. They value time themselves and they will make you understand it too. That’s why they won’t spend too much time in parties or even among a group of friends because time is too precious for them. Since the company of our friends helps to define our personality, our friend’s treatment of time will also make us appreciate its value.

6. They Have Great Boundaries

Since they spend so much time with themselves, these people are not afraid of being alone. They have also understood themselves a lot better than others. They know what they like and what inspires them the most. They have set a path before them. But like all things, if they are willing to flourish in something, they have to set boundaries. People who like to spend time with themselves set up strong boundaries – they can say ‘NO’ quite easily and they know how much time they need to spend in something. They have organized their lives in a precise way.

So, it’s wonderful to have a friend who loves to spend time alone. They grow faster than many other people and the best part is that they will help their friend grow with them. It’s just a mutual experience that pushes everyone towards self-realization and growth.


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