Seminars Are More Helpful Than Books

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Seminars Are More Helpful Than Books

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Seminars Are More Helpful Than Books

To live is to grow. And growth can only be possible if we know how to do so. By growth, I don’t simply mean physical growth. What I am talking about is growth as a human being – mental, emotional, and spiritual. Not to worry, most of it comes with age. But, after a while, you look back on everything that you have achieved so far and does that satisfy you? Do you find yourself doing everything or being the person you aspire to be? You might be at the pinnacle of success but there would still be something that is missing from your life. Maybe, a skill, a trait, or some emotion.

The point I am trying to place here is that humans, as a rule, are designed to develop. The moment you stop your development is the moment you start to decay. You can’t simply stand in one position your entire life and expect to find every bit of happiness that you desire. For that to happen, you need to work. You need to hustle and you need to see that you are achieving an all-around development within yourself. Now, how does that happen? Well, there are ways.

Self-Help Books

One that has become slightly overused is self-help books. You find such books all the time at every book store and at every street corner. They teach you what you need to do, how you need to, and when you need to do it. But they miss out on one important fact – would it really help YOU? After all, such books are written by someone with a particular experience, ability, and situation in mind. How is it possible that they can reach you directly without you getting out of your conundrum and placing yourself under theirs? And my friend, that spoils the entire purpose of a self-help book.

If it doesn’t help your situation, one that you are facing at this moment, why would you spend so much money after it? A self-help book can never relate to what you are going through because a conversation is impossible. For someone to specify a particular solution tailored for you, they have to listen to you. They have to put themselves in your shoes. They need to live your life, all the while listening to you. And that is never possible when you have a book in hand. But this, in no way, disregards the written word. You might find pointers out there that might actually help you live your life in a better way. But, trust me, you would be a bit disappointed with the results. Disgruntled and slightly diverted from your original goal in life.

Advantages of Seminars

This is where seminars come in. A seminar has a lot of people grouped together, listening to someone narrate their experience and then indulge in positive interaction. This helps one understand the other’s problem and cater to that. If one were to simply read a book and understand what the author was trying to say, the author and the reader need to be the same person. But that is not the case in a seminar.

Like-minded people, focusing on the same issues engage in healthy conversation that ultimately results in a resolution. Your voice is heard, your complaints noted, and your suggestions appreciated. You might find some discrepancies while reading a book, but you will never be able to address them. In the event of a seminar, the entire point of it is to put forward your perspective. You are encouraged to go a different way and sort out your own problems. And honestly, you would get way better solutions than a book.

There is something slightly debilitating about humans. We are fickle minded. We are unable to concentrate for longer periods of time and usually get bored of things quite easily. So, how to keep up? How to not veer off the path of personal growth? Here again, seminars are the key. A seminar room is a conduit for positive energy that flows through all of you. Someone sharing their experiences, talking about their hurdles and how they overcame everything in their path to make it in life will get your blood rushing. You would envision yourself there, narrating your personal life to everyone around you.

Centers for Information

Obviously, seminars are a hub of knowledge. The people who are lecturing or initiate the seminars are experts in their own right. But what is even more gratifying is that everyone else, in their own way, knows something about the topic in question. Every single person out there is a genius. And when such people with a common problem coagulate together, ideas, suggestions, and hints run rife, making it a very, very informative session.

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