Kevin Atlas Became A Top Basketball Player In School And Is Inspiring Students Everywhere

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Kevin Atlas Became A Top Basketball Player In School And Is Inspiring Students Everywhere

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Kevin Atlas Became A Top Basketball Player In School And Is Inspiring Students Everywhere

Kevin Atlas

Most of us live a sort of privileged life even if we don’t recognize it. And no, it’s not about money or status that we are talking about. Even being born with a fully-able body is something of a privilege. While we see many able-bodied people walking past us all the time, we know better. Hiding within the crowd are people who are blind, deaf, physically challenged, etc. We may not know even see it but we might have friends who are suffering from some disease or mental illness which they have kept hidden from us. And that’s the thing about privilege – it’s so invisible that we do not really see it.

But it’s not the time to stigmatize privileged people. All of us have some issues with our lives, but the best among us own it. They do not let their problems conquer them. They have accepted the problems and have chosen to make it a part of themselves. And that’s how they have come to terms with themselves and grown in the process.

Kevin Atlas is such a person. He is the first person to have received a Division I basketball scholarship, despite having just one arm. Currently, Kevin is going around the country telling young people about his journey. He supports the “Believe in You” Challenge and he wishes everyone to get inspired and believe in themselves. He challenges them and makes them step outside their comfort zone.

Kevin did not lose his left arm in an accident or in some kind of operation. He was born that way. Somehow, nature had given him the short end of the stick. And quite naturally, as a kid, he hated himself. He hated his arm and how he turned out to be ‘abnormal’. Growing up, he grew envious about others and always wanted to be like them.

Basketball was his passion. Even with one hand, he had mastered the game. He would have loved to proceed further in this game. But he knew that he had an unalterable flaw. Kevin Atlas was competing against people who were physically able to overpower him, just because they were ‘normal’. Even Roy Williams, UNC and John Calipari, head coach of the University of Kentucky, looked at this talented man and said that if he had two arms, he could have been the No. 1 player in NBA. He hated himself more. He wanted to change himself or get into a body where he would get his arm back at least. Anything that could have helped him get the tag in NBA.

He knew that it was impossible.

The only way he could do anything was by accepting himself for who he was. Slowly, he realized that his missing arm is the greatest lesson life has taught him. He called it his ‘nub’ and he owned it. He saw how it moved in a funny manner only in two directions. He poked his buddies and sometimes even used his ‘nub’ to get an advantage over his opponents. His greatest weakness became his strength. Now, if anyone were to give him a left arm, he wouldn’t accept it. His ‘nub’ has become a part of his life – a reminder of the times when he hated himself and reminds him of the moment he grew up.

Now, Kevin Atlas is out on a nationwide tour. He is planning to visit about 300 schools all over the country and share his story. He wants every student and teacher to use the #BelieveInYouChallenge hashtag and share their stories. Currently, as a motivational speaker, Kevin Atlas is starting to inspire a lot of young minds.

Whenever he enters the stage, he boasts about his ‘nub’. He shows them how he uses the nub to either do some perfect push-ups or to poke a person. But most of all, he tells everyone to own their nub! It doesn’t matter whether a person is short or fat or too skinny or big – they have to own themselves. His chief audience is high school students. High school is the time when you are slowly growing up and realizing that you are lesser than others. It’s the time when your insecurities become too real to handle. As an adult, there is a chance for you to come to terms with it. But if you let your insecurities rule over you at high school, then, chances are that you will be scarred for life.

Kevin Atlas mentions that however cliché it might sound, it is true that if you really want something, you can have it. No one needs to tell you that you are not good enough – you just have to believe that you are good enough to have what you really want. And that’s all it takes. Atlas became one of the top basketball players when he was in high school in California, his home state. Tackling a sport that requires the active use of both hands, Kevin Atlas is proof that nothing can put you down if you have the motive, desire, and the will to go forward. You are a rock that has been thrown with full force – don’t let the wind slow you down.

Kevin Atlas’ story is making the rounds all over the internet and has reached far and wide. His influence has already reached six continents and about 49 states. His is a story of transformation from the ordinary to the extraordinary. His is a story of growth and you can be a part of it. All you have to do is #BelieveInYou.


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