High School Student Kayla Willis Gets Accepted In 31 Colleges And Goes Viral On The Internet

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High School Student Kayla Willis Gets Accepted In 31 Colleges And Goes Viral On The Internet

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High School Student Kayla Willis Gets Accepted In 31 Colleges And Goes Viral On The Internet

Hard work eventually bears fruit. You might have heard it before from your parents and teachers. After all, they are looking out for us. But then, hearing this advice again and again might seem a bit boring. Every one of us requires visual proof – something that will inspire us to really put our blood and sweat into something. Well, here is Kayla Willis to do exactly that for you.

Kayla Willis, a high-school senior in South Fulton County has mesmerized the world. She is a student of West Lake High School and unlike many, she took the advice of ‘hard work’ very seriously. Committed to doing well in her studies, she worked for her SATs. She was a senior now and college was just around the corner. All her friends were busy making plans about the college they would be attending. The heat was on. They were all prepared to leave their school and enter the new world of college. They were on their way to becoming responsible adults.

Like all students, the high school seniors were hesitant and scared about the big bad world out there. They are also aware of the need to get into a good college. The environment that you are growing in matters a lot and these high school seniors were aware of it. So they put in everything to get the highest SAT scores, applied for the best colleges and kept their fingers crossed so that they could get through.

And Kayla was someone who did make it through. For 31 colleges!

It was something of a shock for Kayla Willis. She got a 3.95 GPA and SAT score of 1160, which according to her, is quite average.  But that average score was enough to place Kayla in 31 top colleges! In the school, the senior hall boasts about all the students. Their college plans are displayed one after the other under their picture. It is on this wall that you get to see who got accepted and the college which accepted them. Kayla Williams took up an entire portion of the wall. And yet there were some names missing which couldn’t fit!

At first, Kayla was confused about all of it. It was a sudden rush of good news after all! Her teachers were proud of her, her friends supported and cheered her, and her parents were beaming with joy. The little kid from West Lake High School achieved something that few could. Kayla just wanted to share her story with the world. But she did not know whether she should or not. Would it sound as if she was bragging about herself? Maybe, people will find her arrogant and direct their hate towards her. She had heard stories of online trolls and how terrible the internet can be towards someone they don’t like. She did not want to fall for that trap.

But her father was there beside her. He knew that what Kayla has achieved was amazing, but that’s not something impossible. If Kayla could have achieved it, anyone else could too. They just need the inspiration to do it. And Kayla is the person who proved that. She just needed to share her story online and make the world know about her. She had to be the inspiration that young high-schoolers and prospective college-goers needed. Everyone could go to a college of their choice and get as many opportunities as they want if they can only pair up the hard work and the required motivation to do so.

So, her post went out on Twitter and she closed her phone for the time being. She still had to spend time with herself and the amazing news. Suddenly, her phone started vibrating and there were constant notifications flowing her way. Kayla was surprised. Was her post suddenly making the rounds all over the internet? She opened her phone and she saw her post – there were about 146,000 likes and more than 32,000 retweets. People from all over the world were commenting on her post. Many of them were speaking in different languages. It didn’t matter – Kayla Willis has successfully sparked a fire and the internet has spread it all over the globe. She had gone viral.

Her principal was proud of her, not only because of her achievement but also regarding her decision to share her story with the world. As a principal, he knows how important it is for students to be inspired and motivated to work for themselves. Everyone has some kind of dream and when you get to find other people getting success in chasing their dreams, they get inspired to do the same with their own. Kayla currently stands out as an inspiration to many high school students from all over the world. Probably, she is inspiring adults too. After all, motivation has no age limit.

Also, due to her tweets, we get a fresh take on Kayla’s achievements. It is known that when you apply for a college, you have application fees. Applying for so many colleges would have been a massive drain of funds for Kayla’s family. So, how did she get past it? Well, for Kayla, her only expense was buying stamps. She just asked the colleges if they would waive the fees for her and they immediately did. The colleges also mentioned that they were looking for well-rounded students and because of that, they were able to take in Kayla, even though her SAT score was ‘average’. So, that’s a good point to be noted down if you are a high-school student.

Nothing can stop you from achieving something if you are determined enough. Kayla Willis has proven to the world by doing it herself. She has decided to attend Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee. So, you should just go out there and take up every opportunity that awaits you. Make things happen for you!


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