Here’s Your Daily Dose Of Morning Motivational Mantra

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Here’s Your Daily Dose Of Morning Motivational Mantra

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Here’s Your Daily Dose Of Morning Motivational Mantra

I agree, waking up in the morning is a big deal for us. Especially waking up early after a night out. But, you know what they say: ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes jack healthy, wealthy, and wise’. But some of us simply can’t wake up that early with enough energy to tackle the entire day. The spine is filled with fluid, the muscles are sore, the belly is empty, and there is always a lingering aftereffect of the giant slumber you just took a part in. So, how to get rid of this? How to wake up and then start our day on a completely new note, ready to tackle anything that life throws at us?

Well, one way is to workout. But there are obviously some side-effects to that. Some can’t work out on an empty stomach. Some don’t want to workout, some have a busy day at the office, while some are still dozing off where they stand. So, while working out could give you the necessary boost required, there is always a better option. And that involves waking up, stretching, drinking a glass of water, and repeating a mantra.

What mantra? Well, it can actually be anything. It all depends on what you want the mantra to be. What is it that you desire? What is that would make you content? What is it that would give your life some direction which would then enable you to rudder yourself through the murky sea of existence? There must be something, for humans never stop wanting. They always want something better, something bigger, something more expensive or something more meaningful. And if you realize what that is, half your work is done.

For example, you might want your job to be safe. So wake up every day and repeat a mantra that would enable you and encourage you to strive to get better at your job. Now, you realize that you didn’t specifically ask for a safe job. All you asked for was success. Therein lies the trick. If you simply ask for what you desire, you might never really put in everything. And that shows! To people, to fate, to every higher power that gets you through your day. So, always ask for something bigger, something that is out there in the broader picture.

Now, saying it for a single day is never enough. There are a few steps that you need to follow before you begin with this. First, get up! Wake up, but not with any underlying anger or sadness inside. Don’t fight with anyone, don’t argue, don’t talk if you can help it. And instead of an alarm, simply will your body into getting up. A dogged alarm, ringing 7 times in succession is always disturbing, and would ruin your mental peace.

Just wake up and stretch. Arch your back and hear your joints clicking back into place. Next, drink water. Your throat is dry and that would result in dry heaving or coughs. Drink water and face the sun. Look at it, feel it wash over you and then repeat the mantra. Feel the mantra reverberate around your being.  Keep a crystal of your choice in your hands while you are repeating the mantra. It could be Iron Pyrite. Also, never forget to make your mantra simple and to the point. Don’t make it lengthy and don’t complicate it. Simply say whatever you have in mind while keeping in mind the bigger picture.

What are Some Mantras That You Should Say?

These are some of the mantras that you can try:


  • I see the world in me. I see what the world truly is beneath its illusions.
  • I am worth everything I have ever received.
  • I am focused, determined, and ready for anything that life throws at me.
  • I am not afraid.
  • I live each day to the fullest without any regrets or complaints.


If you have been going through a bout of self-doubt, try the following:


  • I am as perfect as a human can be.
  • I might make mistakes, but I always rectify them.
  • I am not all-knowing, but my knowledge is my strength.
  • I love and respect myself.
  • I see others in me and I love my health and my mental state just the same.


How To Create Your Own Mantra

First, take a yellow legal pad and a pen. Now, we are ready to begin.


  • As reiterated earlier, what do you really want from life? What are the things that you are currently trying to bring into your life? Write them down.
  • Next, find out which one is the most important of them all. Which of these calls means the most for you? Circle that.
  • Since it would be implausible to bring forth every item together into one giant sentence, try numbering them in order of most important to least important and then think of a mantra.
  • Now, repeat it before a mirror and keep repeating it until it falls off your tongue like honey.
  • Never forget to repeat it every day, for literally the rest of your life.


See, no one can tell you if that mantra will actually work or not. But this is assured – if you actually believe in what you say and if you actually relate to what you want then no one would be able to stop you from achieving that.

So, why not give it a try?


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