Amy Schumer Talks About Chris Fischer’s Autism Diagnosis And Here’s Why It Is Important For Us All

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Amy Schumer Talks About Chris Fischer’s Autism Diagnosis And Here’s Why It Is Important For Us All

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Amy Schumer Talks About Chris Fischer’s Autism Diagnosis And Here’s Why It Is Important For Us All

Recently, experts from Surrey University and University College London conducted a one of a kind study where they studied how stress caused due to issues like social stigma affects the mental health of people diagnosed with autism. They tested a theory called the ‘minority stress theory’ which deals with how those who belong to minority groups face problems like racism and discrimination and are more likely to have higher levels of stress. They surveyed on over a hundred autistic volunteers. They investigated factors like ‘victimization and discrimination’, ‘outness’, ‘everyday discrimination’, ‘expectation of rejection’, ‘physical concealment’, and ‘internalized stigma’ and whether they negatively impacted the mental health of the volunteers.

The results of the study were disheartening. It was evident that social stress due to these factors was causing increased rates of mental distress and leading to a decline in the volunteers’ mental health. The conclusions also suggest that minority stress could be causing issues over and above those caused by day to day stressful situations. Earlier studies have already suggested that there are higher rates of suicide amongst those who are autistic. Awareness and education on autism are sorely needed all across the world.

This is where Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer are trying to do their part to make the world a better place. The actress/comedian married the chef in February last year and in October, they announced that they were expecting a child in the most hilarious way. Schumer posted a picture on Instagram in which their faces had been pasted onto a picture of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with a caption telling fans to check out journalist Jessica Yellin’s Instagram account for some exciting news. Yellin then put up a story which listed all the candidates’ people should be voting for in the midterms and at the very end, it simply said, “I’m pregnant – Amy Schumer.”

Throughout her pregnancy, Schumer has been vocal about suffering from Hyperemesis gravidrarum. According to Dr. Jennifer Ashton, “This morning sickness is like a hurricane in a little bit of rain.” Despite the seriousness of this condition and the subsequent weight loss and dehydration, many women find their concerns being dismissed lightly and Schumer is trying to change that by spreading awareness. In the same way, she has been using her spotlight to spread awareness about autism.

In her latest stand up special on Netflix titled ‘Amy Schumer Growing’, she told the world that Fischer had been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The show runs for 60 minutes and in the course of it, Schumer gets quite personal. She acknowledges that she had always known that her brain and her husband’s don’t work the same way. His condition is what was earlier known as Asperger’s syndrome.

For those who are unaware, autism spectrum disorder means that the person falls within the spectrum of autism which takes into account how severely autistic the person is and what variation of it they have. It appears differently in different people but usually, people who are autistic are unable to make a lot of eye contact and are unable to pick up on social cues. It is easier to diagnose in children than in adults.

According to Schumer, the traits that make him different are the reasons she fell in love with him. He’s honest and unpredictable and he doesn’t stop to think about what society wants from him. Recalling a particular incident that set him apart from the rest, she talks about how she once fell down when he was with her. Rather than asking her if she was alright like most others would have, Fischer went completely still and speechless.

She also finds his bluntness endearing. He never lies to her when she asks for his opinion on something she’s doing but at the same time, he makes her feel loved and beautiful. For her, he’s the dream guy.

In her appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Schumer spoke about why she had chosen to talk about it in her special. She said that it had been a mutual decision because both she and Fischer wanted to show everyone that was not a negative experience. Many people even avoid the diagnosis because they know that society will treat them differently. This prevents them from getting the help they need. Schumer admitted that the diagnosis helped both her and Fisher get the help they needed to improve their lives and their relationship.

Sharing the news on the special was Schumer’s effort to normalize the narrative around autism. Her aim is to ensure that others don’t go without a diagnosis and lose out on the subsequent benefits just because they’re worried about what others might think. During the show, she also reaffirmed what she’d said on her special about loving Fischer for all the little things that made him different which might be because of his autism. She admitted that she would never give him up for anyone else and she truly meant it.

She emphasized on how autism manifested differently in different people. Schumer also warned against thinking that she was a nice person simply because she had chosen to be in a relationship with an autistic person.

While there are some who have criticized Schumer for telling her husband’s story without letting him form his own narrative, many others have come out in praise of her. Through her words, she has normalized autism and being in a relationship with an autistic person in the eyes of many people. Like her, we should all be doing our part to learn more about the condition and what it entails so that the added pressure of societal stigma doesn’t make things worse.


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