Feed Your Focus And Let Go Of All Distractions With These 6 Steps

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Feed Your Focus

Feed Your Focus And Let Go Of All Distractions With These 6 Steps

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Feed Your Focus And Let Go Of All Distractions With These 6 Steps

Feed Your Focus

Starve your distraction. Feed your focus.”

The New Year is almost upon us. Needless to say, you need to start putting your goals before everything else. Focus ahead, and don’t look behind you. The ghosts of your past might be haunting you, and it is best you look forward. Don’t laze around- don’t diddle-daddle. Feed your focus, and give it your all. You are too close to your goal to let go now. Your distractions can wait, everything else can too. Right now, it’s just you, and no one else. No one is going to come and pick you up if you fall down. No one is going to encourage you if you slip on your focus for even a second. But there would be a billion people out there wishing that you fail. Use this jealousy, envy to feed your focus, as you put everything else on a standby.

Here are a few ways through which you can ensure that your focus stays strong.

Why Are You Doing This?

Why is this a goal? What is its outcome? What are YOU going to get out of it? The closer you reach to the answer your focus will get sharpened. You will know why you are doing this, and won’t waste time attending to things that are a distraction. You know that you need to do this, and you need to do this now. But ask yourself, why?

Feeding Your Focus Through Training

Surround yourself with things that will help you reach your goal faster. Train your body and your mind to do things that will keep distractions at bay and help you feed your focus. You can keep reading books or pumping weights if it keeps your mind off distractions, or you can do literally anything that you want to. As long as your vision is clear and you know what you are aiming at.

Keep Your Friends Circle Small

We know that you have a lot of friends who need some attending to. But it would be wise if you kept them at bay for some time until you reached your goal. Realize that they won’t really be useful to you while you strive for success, and might just drag you down. Instead, make friends with people who would be by your side and not be a distraction as you work towards your goals.

Look Towards The Brighter Picture

It is easy to lose focus if you see that the road you have taken is immensely tough. But you can feed your focus by looking at the bigger picture. Imagine the euphoria you would feel when you finally are able to get what you want. Imagine the joy, the success, and the hard work that you put in reflecting brightly on your face as you are rewarded with everything that you deserve.

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Make Short Goals

If your first attempt is to swim 5 km, you are doomed to fail. Start small. Go a hundred meters the first day, 200 the next and as you keep progressing, you feed into your focus. See, this has some major advantages- one, that you wouldn’t ever sidestep the smaller goals in search of the bigger goals. You will always be around a small milestone that you need to cross. And second, it wouldn’t frighten you into submission.

Remember The Pains You Have Taken

Whatever growth you have achieved, hasn’t been blind luck. You have worked for it too. If you can remember the amount of work that you put to get to this position, you will realize that the pains you took weren’t for naught. You knew what you were getting into, and you wanted this. The tears, blood, sweat, and smiles that came along the way will always remind you to keep hustling.

Feed into your focus, or else distractions would destroy every bit of growth that you have accomplished.

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