How To Find Inspiration When You Need It The Most?

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How To Find Inspiration When You Need It The Most?

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find inspiration

With the hectic and stressful lifestyles we live today, it is natural to feel the blues once in a while. Irrespective of whether it is the gloomy weather that has caused your mood to swing low or you need a bit of push to get back the lost rhythm, we all need to find inspiration to feel alive. Feeling motivated momentarily is easy, but it requires the discipline to stay motivated all the time. 

Moreover, life happens at times, and we feel so down and out that it feels like you would never be able to get back up. There doesn’t have to be a reason always to feel low. Sometimes even when everything seems to be good and reasonable on the outside, you might feel the opposite inside. Find inspiration that would help you carry through these lowly moments to ensure you do not get distracted or disarrayed from reaching your goals.

Inspiration can be internal and external. You can be inspired by yourself when you achieve something you previously thought of impossible for you. It drives you and motivates you to push your boundaries to scale new heights. If motivation doesn’t come from inside you, it can be someone similar to you or you can personify the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Success begets success. Following the footsteps of someone who has scaled the heights you dream of in your field would help kick start your journey in the right direction. Undoubtedly, there would be obstacles on the way, but the success of your role model and how they overcame those obstacles would help you find inspiration. It will be a constant motivating factor for you.

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Everyone sets goals, and it’s easy to set the goals. You may set the goal of becoming a millionaire in a couple of years or buying your dream house or car by next year. What is difficult is sticking to that goal stubbornly until you reach it. Inspiration and motivation play a crucial role in ensuring you stick to your goals, no matter what. Here are a few ways you can motivate yourself.

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Don’t Give Up On Yourself Easily

Giving up is the easiest way out of a challenging situation. Most people give up in the face of difficulties and challenges. The people who are remembered today are the ones who didn’t. Knowing that what you are looking for is on the other side of problems would keep you motivated. Find inspiration to ensure you don’t give up easily.

Coming out of doldrums may seem impossible at times, but it is such testing times that bring out the best in you. Remember the times you dreamt of being that close to your goal. Remind yourself that giving up now would mean having to start all over again. It will keep you motivated and boost your confidence to take challenges head-on.

Find The Sources Of Inspiration

While it is okay to have a role model, inspiration can come from varied sources. Sometimes, just noting the struggle of someone else, maybe even a stranger can inspire you to break even with the challenges you’re facing. Psychologists like Chadborn and Reysen suggests that it is okay to have multiple role models and continuously look for different avenues to find inspiration and motivation.

Pause And Refocus

Sometimes, it is essential to take a break to introspect and retrospect your mental frame and thought process. It would work like refocusing all your energies on one thought and one goal. In the process of achieving our goals, our thoughts and focus might get scattered or lose their concentration. Pausing for a while to regroup your feelings would help you regain the momentum that you might’ve missed. Pause and find your inspiration.


Reading is a great habit, and while you don’t have to be an avid reader, it is essential to read inspiring books and biographies to get inspired. It would motivate you in ways you never thought of before and even restock you with some creative ideas to stay inspired. There is a lot of interesting material out there, and reading is an excellent way to consistently find inspiration.

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It’s Okay To Lie Low At Times

Staying motivated or inspired doesn’t mean that you would be on your toes all the time. It is humanly impossible to remain extremely motivated round the clock and throughout the year. Sometimes it’s just okay to spend a lazy day on your couch doing nothing or binge-watching your favorite series. It doesn’t mean you are getting distracted from your goal, but consider it a cheat day.

The key to staying inspired is to make the most of every day of your life. Don’t overthink when you fall and don’t take much time to get back up. Focus on your goals, and do whatever works for you to stay inspired. It needs the discipline to stay focused and inspiration to set goals. And, motivation is what glues them together to achieve success.

Stay strong!

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