How Does Kindness Influence Your Life And Make It Better?

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indness influences your life

How Does Kindness Influence Your Life And Make It Better?

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indness influences your life

Do you remember the last time you were selflessly kind to someone? Or, someone else was kind to you? Do you remember how it felt at that very moment? Kindness influences your life in a positive manner, leaving an impression in the mind of the giver as well as the receiver. Today, the kind of lifestyle we live has compelled kindness, selflessness, and compassion to take a back seat to expendable human interactions. 

Do No Harm

Everyone you come across these days is racing against time to achieve fame and success, believing that it holds the key to happiness. However, in most cases, the memories they cherish most are the ones from their previous lives before they had attained success. The world doesn’t need more successful people today, but the peacemakers, restorers, and people who are kind and compassionate towards others, selflessly. Kindness influences your life to give you the moral courage to fight against what’s wrong to make the world more humane. Success doesn’t have much to do with these qualities.

When you ask someone how to make the world a better place, everyone has their own views and opinions. However, no one wants to practice kindness themselves first. It starts with you.

The perception that the world would become a better place by bombing nations and overthrowing fascist regimes is already proven wrong. World peace would be achieved when the consciousness of the general population would rise against that of fear and hatred towards that of kindness and compassion for each other. The irony is that kindness doesn’t need a fortune or hard work and thrives on the simple principle of doing no harm to others.

Try This Kindness Experiment

Try this kindness experiment by Jay Shetty!Credit: Jay Shetty

Posted by Goalcast on Sunday, July 9, 2017

Judge less, irrespective of how compelled you might be. Your ego might be vulnerable when it is hurt and may want revenge. Pause.

Kindness is not about fighting to be right. Kindness influences your life to help you preserve your peace of mind.

Khalil Gibran, one of the greatest Lebanese poets, wrote – “I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers.”

An eye for an eye makes the world blind, said Mahatma Gandhi, but does that mean we stay silent when treated unfairly?

The answer is absolutely not. But at the same time, restrain from retaliating with extreme force. Learn from the experience and move forward while asking are you letting others treat you unfairly or have given them permission to do so unconsciously? When you exit such situations peacefully, you leave more healed and aligned with positivity than earlier, every single time.

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Benefits of Kindness

Kindness influences your life by paving the way for happiness and boosting your heart’s health. Your relationship with friends and loved ones are much better when you are kind. And, happy relationships not only promote physical health but mental health as well. Contrary to popular belief, kindness is not a copyright quality of people with religious beliefs. It is a quality not only seen in human beings but also in animals. It has the power to influence the giver and positively impacts the giver’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

In the 1990s, an experiment was performed by Dr. Masaru Emoto. He closely examined how soothing music, prayers, and kind words impacted the crystalline anatomy of water. This was compared to the negative energies imparted by anger and hateful words. With kind words and soothing music, the water formed a crystal clear structure. The human body is 70 percent water, and this experiment clearly exemplifies how kindness can influence our emotional and physical well-being.


kind words

Image credit: Masaru Emoto

However, your kindness shouldn’t be taken advantage of, as it is not a sign of weakness. It is possible to be kind and assertive at the same time. Kindness should influence your life in such a way that you learn to uphold your integrity. It shouldn’t be rubbing your self-respect the wrong way and making you a doormat to others.

Be Kind Anyway

Dalai Lama XIV once said that his religion is simple, and it’s none other than kindness. Kindness doesn’t leave as great an impression as cruelty or wicked acts. It is because we are programmed to react to hurtful events and bad news more as our survival instincts come to play in there.

In today’s date, when many of our interactions take place on social media and through other disingenuous means, being unkind has become a rather commonly occurring phenomenon. However, we must take into account that there is a person with real feelings and emotions on the other side of the screen. The best way to handle such situations is to question yourself and ask – “How would I feel or handle it if I was a recipient of this?” If you get negative vibes from your instinctive answer, it is best to avoid such behavior.

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You have to respond to your struggles and that of others with affection, compassion, and empathy. Thus kindness would influence your life and would not only heal you but also others around you. It is because hurt is hurt no matter how you define it.

Mother Teresa once said – “People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; Be kind anyway.”

Let kindness influence you. Make kindness your second nature. Integrate it into your daily life and see the rippling effect that it has. It will overwhelm you with positivity. Kindness has the potential to drastically change your life. Kindness will infuse your life with love and compassion. Don’t forget, in the end, you get what you give, and you reap what you sow!

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