Teacher Creates An Inspiring Classroom By Coloring It In Vivid Colors

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Teacher Creates An Inspiring Classroom By Coloring It In Vivid Colors

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A lot of children live in a drab world and Anna Savino has taken it upon herself to make it as colorful as she can for her students. For the past 16 years, she has been a teacher at Chula Vista in California. The teacher wants to inspire as well as teach through her inspiring classroom. She wants to include comfort, community, and productivity in them. She knows that education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. And she realizes that she needs to make it as interesting and inspiring as she can.

The classrooms are done up in vivid colors and embellished with comforts and accents that remind the children of their home. Savino’s classroom is not what you would typically come across anywhere else in America. She is the epitome of the good teacher who can make us hope, be inspired, instill a love of learning, and open up our imagination.

Anna Savino is an 11th grade English teacher at Olympian High School. She delves into the environment and the effect it has on the student’s aptitude to learn and be positive. She also takes note of the influence it has on the students to be positive.

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She is the idea of the teacher as a great artist. Teaching can even be termed the greatest of the arts since the medium is just the human mind and the spirit.

She was inspired by start-ups and small business owners who work together in an environment that has an element of comfort, productivity, and community. Savino felt that it would work in her classrooms as well. She went to the students with the idea. They were given the task of coming up with the right idea for her inspiring classroom. She handed over a budget of $200. The modest transformation even included new lighting and plants.

Her inspiring idea to redesign the classroom at her school was noticed by WeWork, a flexible workplace concern. Lexey Radcliff, their community director, saw the ideas as an inspiring chance to support and transform a neighborhood community. A team from WeWork stepped in to implement the designs in the classroom.

Meet the Teacher Redesigning Her Classroom Using WeWork Design Principles

When high-school teacher Anna Savino saw WeWork featured on CBS Sunday Morning, she decided to give her students a $200 budget to redesign their classroom. 📚 We were so inspired by her story that we surprised the entire class. Here's what happened next. #wearewework #weworksandiego #studentoflife

Posted by WeWork on Sunday, December 23, 2018

Armed with a couch, a mural, and video games, Savino’s inspiring classroom has now been transformed into a place for her students to dream and be inspired. Alania Salazar a student says their class is like a high school version of Disneyland. The students selected the design and participated in every step of the transformation.

Savino feels pretty thankful and humbled at her spectacular and inspiring classroom. She says that her students are more disciplined and calmer in class. They are also more focused and productive.

Savino feels that one doesn’t have to make drastic changes to transform the atmosphere in a classroom. All it requires is a lot of imagination and minor changes like adding plants. Beanbags and some colorful art can transform the classroom, says the teacher behind the inspiring transformation.

She wants to both motivate and teach. She wants to create an atmosphere that will not allow the stress of the outside world to intrude into the classroom. Her classroom is painted in the colors of joy. Savino says that the cheerful environment has a positive influence on the ability of her students.

The redesigning has also inspired parents to join in. Her energy and passion are catching. Savino’s enthusiasm, devotion, and passion for her students come through in everything she does. She is an inspiration to her colleagues. Her students, their parents, and her colleagues are full of appreciation for the changes she strives to bring into their lives. She has that special ability to transform the life of a student. Every student who studies under her feels special and cared for.

There are some teachers who truly make a difference in their students’ life. They are remembered because they were passionate about their students and lit a flame within their hearts.

inspiring classroom

Savino’s initiative is a prime example of the transformation one can bring about in the student community through hard work and determination. She knows that she needs to make a difference, change the whole idea of learning. It should no longer be a drab and lackluster experience. Instead, she wants it to be motivating and radiant. This will make the students more comfortable and encourage them to be a willing part of the teaching process. Savino is indeed a blessing to the students and the community.

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Her transformed classroom is a place her students love to go to. She wants to retain the color and lively energy in her classroom. She has also incorporated theater and music in her classroom before. Savino is sure to leave a legacy that someone else can follow and make better.

She was recently nominated for the Life Changer of the Year by her colleague, Maria Schembri. Anna Savino is the kind of teacher whom you cannot stop when they want to do something for their students. They just do it. She has been inspiring students throughout her life. Students who are fortunate to be a part of her inspiring classroom know that they are indeed lucky. Such teachers are blessed with the love of her students as they strive to make their way in the world.

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