Guardian Angel Happy To Be Home Again: Lost Service Dog Returns To Her Blind Owners

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Guardian Angel Happy To Be Home Again: Lost Service Dog Returns To Her Blind Owners

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service dog

They truly are the guardian angels for people like Austin Clark. Service dog, Almanor went missing after she accidentally walked out of her home. She returned back much to the excitement of her owner, 25-year-old Austin Clark, and his sister Sydney, 23. They both are legally blind and need the help of Almanor to move around.

They have each other for company. Sydney also has Jeffo, their other service dog to help her. People call them the fearsome foursome in their neighborhood. The dogs are a transformed duo when the siblings put the dog’s guide on Almanor and Jeffo. They know that they are on duty and it is time to be serious.

The dogs have been an immense help to Austin and Sydney and have made their lives easier and even better, as Sydney puts it. They are their resident guardian angels. But both Sydney and Austin do not let their impairment get in their way.

Austin finished his MBA from Western in 2018. He has now started his own financial planning company for people with special needs.

They have been fortunate to have the support of their family and friends and of course Almanor and Jeffo, their guardian angels. This fearless foursome is living proof that companionship goes a long way in making life easier for all.

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We all need another kindred soul to cling to. We all desire to be with those we love. To divide our joy with someone doubles its value while our sorrow gets divided. Even the most ordinary things become touched with the extraordinary simply by doing and sharing it with the right people.

We need to remind ourselves that our dogs have always been our best friends. But for a large number of individuals with special needs, a service dog is an indispensable part of their lives. For people with neurological and mental health needs, they are constant partners every minute of their life. Legally a service dog can go to places where pet dogs cannot. But many people may have hidden disabilities like seizures, anxiety attacks, and diabetes.

As per the Americans with Disabilities Act, a service dog is trained individually to perform tasks for people with both physical and mental disabilities. Such dogs are not pets but are specially trained to assist the handler for some disability. Emotional support dogs or therapy dogs are not considered service dogs under the law.

One of the most famous service dogs is Sully assigned to Ex-President H.W.Bush, reportedly made on his behalf. Sully can reduce stress. He is adaptable and can travel extensively. After the President’s death, he will now be put into duty at the Walter Reed National Medical Center, reports The Washington Post.

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There have been unfortunate instances of a service dog disallowed in genuine cases. This has been harrowing for the person being cared for and their family.

But it is also true that many people try to pass off their dogs as service dogs and this makes it difficult for people who truly need these amazing dogs. A service dog lets the owner live the life of an ordinary person. Their training begins when they are still a puppy for these intensely specialized programs. Such rigorous training programs are necessary so that the service dog can perform in every situation.

You can never know your true beauty or get a sense of your own worth unless you allow it to be reflected back to you in the mirror of another loving and caring human being.

We realize how lonely we are when the one we cherish most, on those we depend most gets lost. It is then that we truly realize how comforting the companionship of another living soul can be, especially when it is the selfless love of a dog.

Service dogs have always been an integral part of the police force. They are particularly excellent in detaining criminals and as sniffers. They have been at the forefront in apprehending even violent and armed criminals. Many service dogs have sacrificed their lives on many occasions.

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Many people have never known the deep intimacy and the intense companionship of a happy mutual relationship based on love. They have been denied the best that life can give to anyone. We need that security, the warmth of another soul to cling to, another body to guide us, and communicate with us. We crave for someone who will be both a kindred soul and a guardian angel. They will give us the confidence to get on in life.

Dogs have an amazing way to reciprocate your love without a single word, without you even having to see as in the case of Austin and Sydney. We learn a lot about love and companionship from our dogs, much more at times than we do from humans. Because their love comes with no strings attached. Almanor lost her way perhaps in a bout of adventure but showed unbridled happiness at having returned to her friends. Dogs remind us that the most basic of human needs are simple. They are quick to forgive us for our trespasses and assume that the world is essentially a kind place.

GOOD NEWS ALERT: Blind siblings share inspirational story as they live life with seeing eye dogs. Sydney in grad school, and Austin with an MBA, PLUS he owns his own financial planning company that helps individuals with disabilities/special needs called Financial Grit!

Posted by Kelly Dean on Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Service dogs rewrite a new landscape for us. They enhance our joy the time they spend with us and it seems that they can hold time in place. And when they go missing it seems as if somebody has snatched our whole life from us. This is doubly true for Austin and Sydney, as their whole lives depend on the help of their service dogs who have always been their guardian angels.

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