Kid Cudi’s Song Of Charity That Remained Unsung At Coachella 2019

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Kid Cudi’s Song Of Charity That Remained Unsung At Coachella 2019

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The Coachella Valley and Music Festival, commonly referred to as Coachella Festival or just Coachella, is one of the biggest and most famous music and art festivals in the world as of now. It is an annual festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, in the Inland Empire’s Coachella Valley located in the Colorado Desert of California. First hosted by Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen, Coachella, today, hosts several artists of various genres of art and music to come and display or perform their work. Famous artists of rock, pop, EDM, punk, and other styles of music headline at this three-day-long festival.

The first Coachella was held exactly three months after the Woodstock 1999, in October, 1999, but the origin of this festival can be traced back to when Pearl Jam performed at this venue in an act of boycotting Ticketmaster, back in 1993. Besides music, this place sees large installations of art, sculptures and canvas art from several renowned artists.

The festival celebrated twenty years of inception this year. Several famous artists performed over six days in two phases of three day long weekends each. One of the performing acts at Coachella this year was Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, more famously known as Kid Cudi. He is an American hip- hop, neo-psychedelic pop artist who also indulges in record production and acting. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Cudi was first discovered by Kanye West who heard his music and decided to launch him. Nephew of established and accomplished jazz drummer Kalil Madi, Kid Cudi has six recorded albums and over sixteen million sold records all over the world, as of now. He has collaborated with several famous artists of his genre like Kanye West and Travis Scott.

But what made Kid Cudi stand out this Coachella was something else. It was a kind charity donation that he made to the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission during the festival this year. Before we speak about his kindness in more detail, let’s contextualize the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission.

CVRM, as is it more commonly known, has been the welcoming home for the displaced, homeless, and troubled souls in and around the area, since 1971. Over the years, the Mission has been dedicated to helping out those people, to whom basic necessities have been made unavailable due to economic, social, or political incapacities. Not only do they provide food, clothing, and shelter to their inmates, but also to those who choose not to shelter with them. They are funded by corporate and government funds, personal donations, and charity and organized and run by volunteers.

Now Kid Cudi, who is appreciated by one and all for his volunteering and charity work, ordered fries, biscuits, mashed potatoes, and chicken, from the famous eating joint, Popeye’s, for all the inmates of the house. A special banquet. This huge order worth $10,000 was delivered by Postmates, via whom the order was placed. This gesture of kindness was acknowledged by everyone at the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission as thousands of people had a good meal that night.

This is not the first time that Kid Cudi has made news for his charity work. He has previously indulged in working towards the development of at-risk or disadvantaged youths and children in healthcare or mental health establishments. He is most famously involved with the Didi Hirsch’s Mental Health Services. He endorses the cause as well as the service home which deals with suicide prevention and other mental health problems. The ‘Erase Me’ hitmaker has dealt with depression and prosecution due to colour in the past, and relates personally to the cause. He was recognized for his efforts in this field at the Erasing the Stigma Leadership Awards in Beverly Hills, California back in 24th April, 2014.

After being declared health ambassador to the Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, Cudi opened up about his struggles in the past with anti-depressant addiction, self-image issues, and so on; all of which he attributed to a failed relationship. After having received the honour, he tweeted from his account, “HUMBLED TO RECEIVE THIS AWARD FROM @DidiHirsch! WHAT AN HONOR! GOD IS GREAT ALL THE TIME! BLESSED! #erasingthestigma”.

Artists like Kid Cudi are an inspiration to the youth today for their exemplary public presence and social influence. So many artists today endorse various causes just to make the voices of the oppressed heard. It is not expected of people to go out of their way, as these artists do. There are many people who need it, and if we can take smaller steps and do our own bit, the world can be made into a better place. With a little sensitivity and humanity from our side, every person who needs help shall reach it, making this world a more tolerant, as well as tolerable. So many causes have been highlighted today due to social influencers like him and many others. From human rights to animal rights, from mental health to healthcare in general, every discourse in the world can be endorsed by these celebrities to make their followers more aware of certain things.

So, here’s sending a huge shout out for Kid Cudi for being such a wonderful idol to everyone and also wishing him more success in career, and strength and endurance in his fights. And one hopes that more such people will come up to help out the needy and depressed like he did.

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