How To Deal With Emotional Pain And Heal Yourself?

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How To Deal With Emotional Pain And Heal Yourself?

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How To Deal With Emotional Pain And Heal Yourself?

It’s no longer a secret anymore – many people of this generation are going through constant emotional pain. Maybe the internet is fueling parts of it. We are in an age where we are in constant interaction with barrages of information – from all spheres of life. We see the hypocrisy of trusted people and companies getting revealed on the internet. We see hate and cyberbullies getting a lot of hype. We are constantly interacting with fixed beauty standards defining how we should look, act, and what we should desire. Everything around us is always trying to show us a fixed path that we MUST follow to become happy. And whenever we fall short of our goals, we feel unworthy. We break under our stress and feel a kind of emotional pain that is too hard to deal with. It’s always advisable to go to the psychologist when things get too difficult for you. However, all of us face some kind of emotional pain in various degrees. Maybe, we are struggling with it even without knowing about it. That is why we should first try to acknowledge it.

Emotional healing is important for us – perhaps even more now in this age of the world wide web. But emotional healing is not easy – it requires you to go through certain steps. But the process will only make you feel so much better than how you currently feel. Here are some of the steps you need to go through for emotional healing:

1. Identify The Problem

You cannot tackle a problem unless you know that you are going through it. That’s why the first step to solving any problem is to identify it. You have to look inside and see whether you are truly struggling with something or not. Find out what might be causing such an issue within you. Plus, when you identify the problem, you have to tell yourself that you are going to work on it. You are not going to let it be as it is. Create the intent within you that you will undergo all the steps to heal yourself emotionally.

2. Confront Your Emotions

Once you identify your inner problem, you have to confront it. Remember, if you have a problem, you will always have to overcome your fears and face it to resolve it. If you have a fear of interviews, the first step you need to do is schedule an appointment, step out of the door, and step inside the interviewer’s cabin. However, confronting your emotions can be done in several ways. For many, it can be done by communicating your emotions to a close friend or a group of friends. However, if you have gone through something that is very traumatic, then it is recommended that you communicate with a certified psychologist. Many others have tried to channelize their emotions through art – writing it down or painting it on the canvass. Art has been repeatedly proven to be therapeutic.

3. Being Forgiving And Responsible

When you are in emotional pain, you are always looking for some kind of inner peace. You can only get emotional peace by forgiving someone – a friend, a stranger, or even you. Forgiving helps you to clear out the toxicity of grudge that is settling inside of you. It helps you realize that you have compassion for other people and that you can put things aside and move forward without anything holding you back. But with forgiveness comes responsibility. While you may not be responsible for the random actions of someone else, you are responsible for your own actions. So, if you shout at someone or mock someone, you have to take responsibility for it. You can forgive yourself but that doesn’t absolve you of what you did. Be responsible, take charge, and learn from it. It’s a way of moving forward and gaining inner peace.

4. Gestures Of Kindness

You are going through a lot at this moment and while you may not be able to do something wonderful for other people, you still have the power to do little things. Be kind and try to show gestures of kindness to other people. If a blind person is trying to cross a road, go forward and help them out. Write a loving letter to someone who is mourning the death of a loved one. These are small gestures but they go a long way. Show that you are supportive of others. You will feel much stronger about yourself.

5. Becoming A New You

After completing all the previous steps, you will realize that you are someone completely different from your past. You have developed into a new kind of a person – someone who is full of hope. You have immense potential for helping yourself and others. As you spend time with others, you will realize that you have a widened perspective of the world – you know more about people, their lives, and their struggles. After all, you have been in their place too and have grown out of it. You have evolved and this magic of evolution has changed your life – forever.

Extra Tips

There are some other small steps that you can take while you are fighting your emotional pain. These are some additional tips:

1. Try To exercise more

Our body and mind are connected to each other. When we take care of our physical self by swimming or working out, it brings changes in our biochemistry. When we do these physical activities, our trauma is slowly drained out of our body. Pair it with a simple walk in the woods and you will feel the positive energy uplifting you completely.

2. Meditate

We intensify our emotional pain by recycling our negative thoughts and living in the darkness of our mind. Meditations help to make our mind clearer and change how we perceive things. By meditating, we gain a fresh perspective on our older problems and see them in a brand-new light which makes it either trivial or solvable. So, relax, sit down, close your eyes, and concentrate on your breathing.

3. Start Reading More Spiritual Books

There is nothing better than books to gain more knowledge. Since our emotional pain is related to our mental and spiritual well-being, try to select books that will enlighten you and enrich your spiritual side. Several gurus and saints have written a lot about the human mind, our connection with our spiritual side, and how we can realize our true potential. Get hold of a copy of Bhagavad Gita, The Bible, or The Hermetica and read through them slowly and carefully.

4. Rest And Keep Yourself Hydrated

We are living in stressful times when we cut off our sleep and proper diet just to make time to work more. But sleep and diet are very important for us. Especially, water. For a healthy body and mind, you have to drink lots of water. Remember to keep your body hydrated. Also, sleep is essential for our mind. It helps us to process our thoughts and ‘resets’ our mind for new thoughts. Don’t deprive yourself of sleep.

You are the one who can help yourself. Identify your potential and direct it towards you. Know that you are worth it and rise above yourself. Heal.

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