A Little Goes A Long Way – From Youth To Old Age

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A Little Goes A Long Way – From Youth To Old Age

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A Little Goes A Long Way – From Youth To Old Age

“Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time.” – Ron Hall

In today’s world, the unspoken consensus seems to be that it is every man for himself. Rather than healthy competition, we are consumed by toxic rivalries where each person is expected to only care about his own betterment even if it comes at the cost of someone else’s. We are constantly being pushed to run towards material wealth and riches even though they can be meaningless. No one tells us that there are more important things to focus on like our relationships with the people around us.

There’s always someone around you that you can help. You don’t have to make a grand gesture like giving away millions to charity. The little acts of kindness that you do every day with whatever resources you have at hand might not seem big but they can make another person’s day brighter or even change their life. You don’t need to take up some grand cause which will transform the planet. All you need to do is look for that opportunity to be a little kinder to another person who could use a little help. If you can’t find anyone, you’re most likely not looking hard enough.

The internet is more often than not a rather difficult place. We’ve got bad news coming in from every side and it contributes to the general feeling of cynicism and jadedness. But every now and then, something wholesome pops up which gives us a little more faith that there is hope for us as a race. Heather Leigh and three of her friends were lucky enough to witness one such act of kindness over lunch one day.

Heather and her friends were lunching at Mt. Clemens Grill in Michigan, USA. The restaurant is fairly well known and since it was lunchtime, it wasn’t long before all the tables filled up. Many people were also waiting in line for tables to free up.

At the same time, she also realized that there an old woman who had come by herself to eat lunch. She just needed a place to sit by herself and eat but the restaurant was too packed for her to get even one seat. What happened next really warmed Heather’s heart!

A young man who had been sitting at a table having lunch also realized that the old woman had been waiting there for some time. He got up, went over to her and told her to join him at his table because he had three unoccupied seats on his table. He even pulled out a chair for her right next to him like a proper gentleman. And not only did he offer her the seat, he gave the old woman company as she ate her lunch!

Watching the two of them sitting together so companionably really moved Heather and her friends so she quickly took a photo of them eating together. She then wrote a Facebook post about the young man’s kindness. This is what Heather had to say:

“So we were out to lunch and it was super crowded. There were quite a few groups of people at the door waiting to be seated and then there was this lady who was alone. Out of nowhere, this young man gets up and walks up to the lady and says, “I have three empty seats at my table, would you like to sit with me so you don’t have to wait?

The four of us at our table watched with our hearts MELTING as he ushered her over to his table and pulled out the chair next to him, not across from him, to sit down. Periodically while we ate, we looked over to see them alternately sitting quietly and chatting with ease.

With all the ridiculousness happening in our country, it was nice to see and be reminded that there are still good people out there.”

She submitted the post to the facebook page ‘Love What Matters’ and the story quickly spread across the internet. Some even wrote that they hoped for their children to grow up like this young man who had singlehandedly managed to restore their faith in humanity.

With all the horrors being perpetrated in this world, Heather’s conclusion rings truer than ever. We need more people like this young man who can show us that there is something greater we can aspire to be while still going about our everyday lives. He could very easily have just given that old lady a place to eat and ignored her altogether but he didn’t even hesitate before sitting down with her and making sure she enjoyed her meal. This effort cost that young man nothing but it probably brightened the entire day for the old woman who had just come in. Not only that, it had left a profound impact on Heather and her friends who witnessed the entire incident. Through her, this little act is also changing the lives of all those who are reading about it.

If you want to check out more little acts of kindness and other such incidents, check out this link. If you’re looking for ideas as to what you can do, you can also check out this website which gives you solid advice on the kindness that may rightly be expected from you. Be kind and spread happiness!


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